Eyes with stronger impact! How to create super dense lashes
Helpful makeup tips to make you the woman you want to be!
This time, we will show you how you can maximize the effect of VOLUME GEL MASCARA.
Simple and easy tricks can greatly strengthen the impression of your eyes.
1. "I want my lashes to fan out beautifully without clumping"
The key to a beautiful finish is changing the way you use a mascara brush. Use different parts of a brush in different ways to create more voluminous and separated lashes.
Use the inner curve of the brush to apply the mascara : The inner curve of the brush holds more mascara than the outer curve. Holding the brush so that the inner curve is facing the eye, lightly press the base of the brush to the lashes and slide it upward as if you lift up the lashes. Start at the center of the eye, and then proceed to the inner and then outer corner of the eyes. The gel type mascara won't make clumps even if you make multiple applications.Use the outside curve of the brush to adjust : Use the outer curve at the tip of the brush to comb and fan out the lashes. Lustrous and fan-like separated lashes will make the eyes look much bigger!
2. "I want my eyes to look bigger and more defined"
If you want to add something to strengthen the impression of the eyes, a gel eyeliner is our recommendation. Try a combination of sharp, solid, and defined eye lines and voluminous lashes for strikingly impressive eyes!Draw a smooth line along the base of the lashes using the tip of the pencil. Without requiring any skill, the gel-type eyeliner spreads on the skin easily to create a beautiful and solid line.
3. "I want to put mascara on the lower lashes, but I don't want panda eyes"
It is impossible to create impressive eyes that are hard to look away from without using mascara on the lower lashes. But, mascara often smudges to create panda eyes. Just changing how you apply mascara will solve this problem instantly!
Lightly wiggle the wand left to right : Lightly wiggle the wand left to right to apply a small amount of the mascara on all lashes. Make sure to have the outer curve of the brush face the eyes to prevent too much from being applied at once.Hold the wand vertically to put mascara on each lash : Clean the tip of the brush with a tissue. Hold the wand vertically and apply the mascara to one lash after another using the tip of the brush.
4. "I want my lashes to be much more curl and length"
We all want our lashes to have a strong curl, more length, and much more volume. We also want that fresh just applied look to last throughout the day. A mascara base is the answer that you've been looking for! Apply before using mascara to get glamorous lashes with a professional finish.Fiber type mascara is recommended because it can make lashes more voluminous and longer. Apply as if you were lifting the lashes up. Apply a few times on parts that you want more volume like the outer corner of the eye. You can create a beautiful finish even on a busy morning if you use a fast-drying type.
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